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At St Paul’s we value a positive school climate and an inclusive culture. The general feel of the school is one of a diverse, welcoming community in which the school’s mission statement and expressed core values of respect, safety and learning characterise students and adults as belonging to a caring responsible and respectful community.

School pride is evident at St Paul’s. The St Paul’s Vision statement is value based and reinforces the schools ongoing commitment to make St Paul’s a safe, happy learning environment for everyone where, based on our Catholic Christian and Mary MacKillop traditions:

  • Each person is accepted for the person he/she is
  • Nationalities make us culturally rich
  • Learning is valued and gifts encouraged
  • Listening, compassion and peace are nurtured

The core vales of Respect, safety and learning lead and guide our teaching and learning ensuring collaboration, flexibility and future orientation to develop life long learning in all.

Principal's Welcome Message

St. Paul's Catholic Primary School takes immense pride in fostering a vibrant and inclusive community that embraces a diverse array of families within the Woodridge area. With open arms, we extend a warm and heartfelt invitation to you, encouraging active participation in our enriching community life.

Central to our educational ethos is the unwavering commitment to upholding and advancing the mission inspired by Mary MacKillop, a mission dedicated to providing quality education for all. In creating a nurturing and secure environment, we prioritise the celebration of each child's unique identity, fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance.

Recognising the rich tapestry of cultural backgrounds within our school, we are dedicated to supporting all learning needs, with a special emphasis on assisting families for whom English is an additional language. Our commitment to diversity is a cornerstone of our educational approach, ensuring that every child can flourish academically, socially, and emotionally.

Embedded in the fabric of our daily life at St. Paul's is our guiding motto: "Grow Strong in the Faith, the Spirit, and the Word." Emphasising the development of spiritual and ethical values.

At St. Paul's, we are dedicated to nurturing Safe, Respectful Learners. Our holistic educational approach equips children with the essential skills to become positive, active contributors to their immediate community and the broader world. We empower our students to thrive in an ever-evolving global landscape.

Join us on this incredible journey of growth, learning, and community building at St. Paul's Catholic Primary School, where every child is encouraged to flourish and shine.

Helen Boyes